Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I love my life!

I love my life. It’s as simple as that. I find myself thinking that ALL OF THE TIME. Last night I had dinner with some of my Camp GLP family and again, driving home in my car said out loud, “I love my life!”

But what does that mean? It means I have been able to surround myself with amazing encouragers. These are people that come from all walks of life and all aspects of my life. What this doesn’t mean is that I don’t have days that are challenging, because oh yeah, I have plenty of those. I'd just rather spend my time being grateful for all of the amazing things in my life instead.

My challenge to you, find at least one thing you are grateful for each day and name it. It’s amazing how just that one small action creates a domino effect of positivity.

I’ve wanted to capture and share one recent example of loving my life, here goes…I just got back from an epic adventure, an adventure with lots of courageous people. It started with a bicycle ride in Death Valley that raised over $900,000 for Type One Diabetes research with JDRF. It continued as five of us visited six National Parks in 12 days.

We rode our bikes; upped our salt intake; checked our dehydration levels; camped in hammocks; put our food in bear boxes; saw coyotes and scorpions; walked and drove through marbled canyons; visited a ghost town; stood on the edge of a volcano crater; sat in a hot springs tub in the middle of a field by a green church; had snacks with cousins; watched people scale El Capitan; sipped free wine at the Ahwahnee; drove through big trees; stood in awe in front of 2,000 year-old Sequoias; watched sunsets from dunes, rocks and trees; ate In n Out; went from 103 degrees in the desert to snow in the Sierras and Cascades, looked at where Crater Lake should be. National Parks Visited: Mt. Lassen | Death Valley | Yosemite | Sequoia | Kings Canyon | Crater Lake.