Thursday, September 25, 2014

Grandma Pearl was a poet.

Its been 24 years since I found my grandma's poems on very fragile typing paper, typed with her own hands. Back then I carefully retyped each one and made a little book for her and the rest of the family. Its been a really long time since I brought it out and looked at them. So many are still so relevant. Many were written in the 1960s and way before. I have always loved the ones she wrote about my dad and then later when my mom entered the family. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Oh little one tucked neath my heart,
Of my small world you've become a part.
Already you have filled my being
With the joy that I'm foreseeing.
Your first sign was a fluttering,
Like the touch of a velvet wing.
Next thing I know you'll burst in bloom,
From the tiny seed within my womb.
Sweet mystery that life can be,
To give this blessing unto me.
This untold glory that is mine,
The product of love devine.
I face my God my head I bow
I pray He listens as I vow,
To give to you the best I can,
To help you to be a boon to man.


She truly is a darling one
This girl that's married to one son.
For in our lives she does her part
To fill the vacancy in our heart.
Though fair of skin and beautious brow
I know no task to which she'd bow.
She has the spirit of pioneers
She'll surely go down with our peers.
You can tell we dearly love her
And hope her guiding star above her
Will join our galaxy 'til when
We all can say "Thanks and Amen."