Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Generosity begets generosity.

I had the pleasure or having tea with Greg Bell @waterthebamboo yesterday. Our conversation centered on generosity and how it just plain feels good to be generous and to be the recipient of generosity. It seems there has been a shift these days. I’m surrounded by folks that are giving of themselves and less by people that are holding back or holding tight. It may be that I’ve made some conscious decisions to seek positive and giving people. As a result, I find myself happier AND healthier. 

I think we should all think about our personal communities. Is it time to start focusing on the people that have positive influences in our lives? I’m not saying to weed any friends out, you don’t have to “break up” with the negative ninnies, I am saying, consider spending a little less energy there. I can pretty much guarantee if you focus your energy and time with people that are positive and generous, you will find you will be more positive and generous. 

As I write this, I was thinking of my strawberry patch, it's a great metaphor for how generosity begets generosity. We planted our strawberry patch three years ago, the first year, we watered and cared for our small plants, we had a few delicious strawberries. The second year, we watered and cared and we had more delicious strawberries. Last year, we watered and cared and the plants flourished and kept giving and giving all summer long. We were so excited; we were able to make three batches of jam. Which in turn we gave to our friends and family. Those little plants and a little generous watering and care created a year full of strawberry goodness. 

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