Sunday, December 23, 2012

I love meatloaf!

Several years ago I was challenged to a meatloaf-off by my step-father, Duane. He was a Navy cook back in the day and he said his would beat mine hands down. The stage was set, the meatloaf's were mushed and gushed, then baked. The table was set, we sat down to taste each other's meatloaf. My mom was the third judge to act as the tie breaker. The ground meats were tasted and evaluated.

The votes came in 3 - 0 for Denise's meatloaf. If you knew Duane, you knew he did not lose easily. My mom was shocked, this was huge!

Tonight, I have to say I put that meatloaf baked at least 25 years ago to shame. Mom and Duane you would be proud. I'm a meatloaf lover...and this one tonight takes the cake! Italian sausage and cheddar cheese are the secrets.

I can't wait for meatloaf sandwiches!

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