Wednesday, August 29, 2012

You gotta write it down!

Several years back, way back when I was the International Manager for Morrow Snowboards I took a Franklin Covey organization seminar. It was actually given by Stephen Covey himself.

Anyway, the thing I took away from that training that has stuck with me is to write everything down in one place. I started out using a Franklin planner then have moved to my own notebook system. I create a daily checklist with check boxes (its a great endorphin rush when you check something off).

I have also gotten into the habit of, while in a meeting, if an action item is mentioned I create a box within my notes to signify action needed. One important thing for me, I ONLY WRITE IN PENCIL IN MY BOOK. This system has become such a part of my work life that if I forget my book and/or pencil I have to stop what I'm doing until I am again equipped with book and pencil.

Being a professional cat herder, you have to be organized. This is how I do it and it works for me!


  1. That notebook works wonders. You're one of the most organized people I know!

  2. Nice post, Denise!
    My latest productivity management system is Things: and Evernote: They're digital, which is still a hard switch, but everything is with me wherever i go now!

  3. For me. I have to physically write it down. Its part of how I remember it. Old school!