Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Inspired by a blog post "Your goals suck"

Its been two and a half years since I set my intention to bring people together with food, an endeavor called Peach Cheesecake. Two and a half years ago I wasn't sure what that meant. And for two and a half years I've been figuring it out. I know I have a huge passion for food and a huge passion for helping people be better, well, better people. I made a conscience effort to spend more time adding structure to my "goal" last July when I left my well-paid, yet overly-stressful job. I've been freelancing and am loving the flexibility that provides. Have I gotten closer to shaping how I'm going to bring people together? Not so much. But I have found more joy and happiness which I feel is getting me to a place that WILL help me structure Peach Cheesecake.

Today I came across a great blog post called "Your goal suck" by blogger/small business consultant Johnny B. Truant, It inspired me to consider my goals and know that I am finding success on a daily basis by living my life and being happy. I encourage you to read it too.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Red Velvet Cupcakes

The Valentine's Day feeling took over me today. The result Red Velvet cupcakes with Tiffany blue cream cheese frosting.

Making sense of it all

Reinventing yourself, in your career anyway, is an interesting adventure. At moments the thrills are so high but then again, the lows can be quite low. The empowerment you feel is great, then the worry about your finances creep in. Its a roller coaster of emotion, stress, happiness. Honestly though I do not regret one single minute of it. I see the path before me and as long as I'm taking a step toward it each day then I'm good. I've still not 100% figured out how I'll bring people together with food. And that's really alright. As long as I'm constantly working toward that then eventually the way will become clear. I do know that I love to cook, I do know that I love to help people. I love being a connector.

I have a team building cooking experience with the Schoolhouse Supplies executive team next month. That is the holy grail of Peach Cheesecake. Getting a team together in a kitchen and cooking together, helping them build their collaboration tools, their communication skills. I'm really looking forward to rolling up my sleeves with them and getting them cooking.

As for today, my agency project is wrapping up and I'm baking some Red Velvet cupcakes, I'm feeling in the Valentine's Day mood.

Two steps forward, one step back, that is still progress people!