Monday, August 3, 2009

Welcome to Peach Cheesecake

In my life I have truly found my joy in the kitchen. It’s the gift my Mom has given me. I believe that is where she manifests herself in my life. I’ve always loved to cook, but since we lost her to breast cancer a few years ago there now seems to be a greater purpose for me while I’m doing it. I can remember how Mom was in the kitchen, so happy, humming and buzzing around. She got great pleasure seeing her friends and family enjoy one of her well-cooked meals, appetizers and oh yes, her famous Peach Cheesecake. Her love for cooking has found its way to me and now I bring people together with food through Peach Cheesecake.

Bringing together two of our most elemental needs—food and communication—Peach Cheesecake believes that a good experience with both can only make us happier, better and more productive people–a delicious twist on organizational development.

I hope to in this blog bring tips and tricks for better communication, project management, team building and of course some yummy recipes.

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