Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Keeping it light: Using humor and a positive attitude in your daily work

Lighten up!
We don’t have time for humor, yeah right. Have fun.
•Write “Lighten Up” on your calendar for the next 30 days.
•Write things down that you see that are funny, you may never know when you may want to pull them out of your quiver.

Find your style
•Humor is not just telling jokes; it’s an attitude, a flair, a style.
•What makes you funny?
•Find a style that fits you.
•Find material that fits your style.
•Ask friends and family what you do that makes you funny.

Start a humor file
•The hardest time to find something funny is when you need it.
•Create an actual file folder with print outs of jokes or funny stories.
•Laughter depends on surprise
•Don’t tell people a joke is coming, tell it like it actually happened.
•Just tell it.
•It has to have a ring of truth.

Telling people personal stories is a great way to make people laugh
•Think of five things that have happened to you and write them down, add them to your humor file.
•Write it down as you’d like to tell it, then edit.
•Brevity is the sole of humor.
•Embellish it.
•Practice it.
•Never let the truth get in the way of a good funny story.

Select good targets
•The safest target is you! If you can poke fun at yourself, people see you don’t take yourself too seriously.
•Other targets
•Superiority targets – people like to laugh at the boss.
•Inferiority targets – friendly rivalries are fun.
•Conflict targets – people that make your lives uncomfortable at times: spouses, neighbors, co-workers, in-laws, etc.
•It’s all about the right ammunition, aimed at the right time, aimed at the right person.
•Use common sense.
•If profanity is required, don’t use it.

Be different
•Predictability is boring.
•Organization is the death of fun. Yikes does that make each of us not fun?

Be positive
•A positive attitude and good humor go hand in hand.
•Optimism and pessimism are contagious.
•Set a good example. Be positive even when you don’t feel like it. Fake it if you have to.
•Be cheerful
•Have fun

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